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Friday, January 25, 2008

Sick today-

and its snowing. Again. Not very much snow right now but who knows what the skies will will release upon our already overburdened snow shovels.

I've got a terrible chest cold. It moved in on me last night in retribution for a great meal at Red Lobster. I've coughed myself miserable. Not much sleep last night and way too worn out to think about going to the job. So I've had some multi-treats everything but hangnails, oversized capsules that promise me relief and now I'm having my coffee. Having coffee looks like it might be what I do all day today. Maybe I'll find a book I haven't finished.

In the mean time, neighbor Leonard returned home Wednesday and had his snowblower locked away in his garage before I could even talk to him about keeping it out so I could use it on both of our driveways. That was going to be my plan, in exchange for the cost of the parts that I bought and my efforts to install them. I guess we'll talk sometime this weekend.

Sooner or later, I have to get my nativity scene out of my yard. The Heavenly Host Trio and the star on the roof will probably stay up there until all the snow is gone because I just don't feel like going up there will all that snow making footing treacherous.

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